Q? What is the typical recovery time for an implant?
A. Patients vary wildly in their reaction to surgery, and their healing times. These variances can be caused by factors such as: age, immune system, diet, and whether the patient is a smoker or not. However, due to the techniques developed by us. We typically see our patients walk out feeling well, and sporting a temporary crown, within an hour after having the surgery. They usually get their permanent crown in about 3 months.

Q? How do I know there are no hidden costs?

A. One of the main reasons for the Dental Implant Institute’s success, is that we don’t have any hidden charges. Every charge is spelled out in advanced. We are an open book, no matter how complicated or straight forward your case is, we will charge the same. We don’t need to penalize you for having a complicated case, because we can handle the most complicated of cases for the same price as a simple case. Our patients dont have to look around for prices.

In our offices, having an implant placed usually consists of the following procedures:

Bone replacement Graft, and bone regeneration materials.

Temporary abutment and crown.

Permanent abutment and crown.


Hydraulic Sinus Lift (on each side).

Ridge Augmentation.

Vertical Translation.

An implant from beginning to end, will usually cost from $4,000 to $8,000, depending on the procedures we use. We will only charge you for the procedures used, and not a penny more, no matter how complicated your case may be.

Q? Will insurance cover my implant procedure?

A. A few insurance providers are beginning to cover implant procedures, but usually implant dentistry is considered fee-for-service. Some insurance providers will also cover the cost of preliminary examinations and restorative aspects of the procedure. E-mail nathan@diilv.com with questions about what your insurance will cover. In addition, we offer zero percent financing on most procedures that many of our patients benefit from.

Q? Do you offer financing? I am in need of a complete mouth makeover? Implants and some veneers!

A. Yes, we offer 12 month, interest free financing, on approved credit, and we have a dedicated financing department that will work with you to meet your needs.

Q? what is the remedy for my swollen gum on an area where I had a root canal done years ago? (The crown is loose and the area at times is sore & throbbing.) Thanks.

A. Without seeing an xray, i can only guess that the root canal may be going bad, and now it is time for implant, or just take the tooth out.

Q? If I have an infection on my lower right side gums and I cant put my lower partial in because it is too painful, should I come down for a second opinion ( by your Dr.) to see if I can have dental implants instead of dentures?

A. It can’t hurt to get a second opinion. We can discuss the benefits of dental implants over partials.

Q? I would like to know an estimate price for complete upper& lower Denture Implant, plus pulling of (2) teeth, all that are left. I know the game where you need to see me first, I ran my own company for over 25 yrs. So now I am disabled and live in Pahrump. And would like an estime please, or a range. I understand it could go either way until you see me, but this would help me alot. I do have Insurance. Thanks, Guy

A. I assume you have only has 2 teeth remaining? If so, you must have something to wear for the missing teeth. It’s best to extract the 2 teeth first, then wait for the bone to heal for a few months, and then make the permanent dentures. That will probably cost about $4400. But if you do not have anything to wear and want temporary dentures, then it will be an additional $2400.

Q? my son lost his permanant teeth durimg an accident when he was nine and is now sixteen I would like to get an implant for I have medicaid insurance if medicaid does nor pay for it how much would it cost me it is his front left upper tooth he now weas a flipper

A. Hello. Unfortunately medicaid will not cover dental implant , however we do have CareCredit programs available. It will cost roughly 4500 for the implant, abutment and crown.

Q? I need a back molar replaced,was told by dentist that extracted tooth to wait 3 to 4 months its been about 5,can i get implant done now? and do you except retired military tricare insurance (delta dental of california)?

A. If’s it a PPO we should be able to accept it. Please call to discuss your options in terms of being able to get an implant after the waiting period. 626-577-7770

Q? Do you work with Teachers Health Trust? I believe they look at implants to be strictly cosmetic but my teeth are cracking and falling apart. I cant afford what it would take to fix my teeth out of pocket.

A. We do work with Teachers Health Trust. Please call (626) 577-7770 and come in for a free screening. We can come up with a treatment plan and the associated costs. We are also having some specials on dental implants.

Q? I did an Implant in India but due to the time constraint I could not got the cap. so currently It is just an implant with no cap. As I want to complete this here. What needs to be done and what should be the cost on this. Thanks

A. For a crown, depending on the material used, the price can range from 800 to 1200 or so. Thanks

Q? I need a new full upper denture and I have implants on 2, 4 and 14. How much will be the cost ? Also,since I have no bones to get 2 implants on my front upper to hold my denture, how much will be bone grafting ? Thank You.

A. Hello 1. First we need to make sure the implants are still in good condition 2. Second we need to know the brand and sizes of the implants 3. Third we need to know if any parts need to be ordered, such as new abutments, orings, female attachments, etc. 4. Fourth we need to determine what type of bone grafting procedure is required: ridge augmentation, sinus, or limited bone graft Please call (626) 577-7770 to schedule a free consultation. Thanks

Q? I had my last five upper teeth extracted four months ago. I am scheduled to see a dentist this week for a denture. Can you use a current denture when placing the four implants to hold a denture or do you need to make a whole new one.

A. To make sure of an appropriate fit, we will have to make a new one.

Q? I need an implant on top left but was told previously that I first need a sinus lift. Can you do this as well? Also will need implant on bottom right; current bridge is loose and told new bridge would be impossible. Tooth in which it’s anchored to is damaged. Do you take ABPA and 2ndary insurance, The Loomis Co.?

A. We can perform the sinus lift and implant at this location in one visit. Unfortunately we are not providers of your insurance. However we do offer payment plans through care credit.

Q? Can I have all my teeth extracted first and let everything heal for a month and then get implants ? Does it matter ?

A. It does make a difference in terms of extraction. We will extract a site and place an implant immediately with a temp crown. Usually in 3 months you will come back for your permanent crown.

Q? I have a Maryland bridge it feels like it is ready to come out…I am thinking of a perm implant…but right now I am out of work so no insurance…do you take Care Credit ?? thanks Kim

A. Yes, we do take Care Credit.

Q? I have gum disease, receeding gums especially my front two teeth..it is causing some severe pain, sensitivity etc. My question is how long is the procedure, what is the recovery time and how soon can you do it? Do I have to come in for multiple visits prior to getting the procedure or is it same day?

A. Cleaning and Gum grafting can be completed in a few hours. This can be two to three visits. Recovery times vary from patient to patient, but usually no more than few weeks. Most procedures we do are same day, however we have to evaluate your situation.

Q? I have an implant, do you also do the final crown?

A. Yes we can do the crown on an existing implant.