HYDRAULIC SINUS CONDENSING (HSC)® is a technique pioneered by Dr. Leon Chen at the Dental Implant Institute of Las Vegas in 1995. Its a unique procedure that allows for implant placement near the sinus cavity, with little to no pain or swelling. We can place implants in areas that have as little as 1mm of bone with a predictable and stable outcome.

As many as 70% of all sinus problems are caused by oral bacteria that find their way into the sinus cavity. While performing the HSC procedure, we are able to clear out any bacteria that may be hiding in the sinuses. Many patients who have chronic sinus infections have found that HSC can alleviate most issues even when other surgeries have failed.

Traditionally, a technique called “Lateral Window” is used on sinus implants. Before your implant could be placed, a dentist would have to, in a hospital setting, break your skull bone to create a large “window”. He would then push the sinus up with a hard steel instrument and place artificial bone in the cavity that is created. This procedure creates a great deal of swelling and pain for the patient, and recovery takes around 7-8 days.

With Hydraulic Sinus Condensing, we gently lift the sinus using water. We use the same hole that your implant is going to use so no extra trauma is required. Swelling is at a minimum and the patient can return to work the next day. Using HSC, the full implant placement procedure, including extraction and the crown, only takes three-four months.