Sangra G.
Very friendly, caring and professional staff. Dr Murphy is the best. Thorough, knowledgeable and remembers his customers even when he only sees us once a year.

Richard C.
Doctor Jennifer Cha and her entire staff are top notch, expect unsurpassed dental care and your expectations will be met.

Anne C.
Dr. Cha is the best there is. Everyone at DII is helpful, professional and very courteous. You won’t be disappointed!

Dr Cha is the very best dentist I have ever had the benefit of as a provider. I have and continue to have implants. She is acutely aware of any sign of pain and mitigates it. I would recommend her to anyone.

Julie W.
I was just in for a deep root cleaning and was so nervous. Nothing quite like dental pain. Dr. Cha and her staff are amazing. I never felt any judgement. They were very upfront about cost and worked with me around scheduling and all my concerns. My whole family comes to her and I can see why.

Sheila Zeta B.
Always excellent experience at Dr. Cha’s office. Highly recommend!

Geraldine S.
You can feel the care Dr Cha puts into her work.

Debra Wyum R.
Dr. Cha and her team are the BEST!!! I have been a patient going on 10 years and have never been disappointed. Always professional, courteous & caring… Debra Regan

Amy T.
Dr. Cha is awesome!

Whee L.
Very skillful and professional. No pain implants.

Glenda J.
I’ve been going to Dr. Cha for years. She’s the best!! That’s why I still go to her and won’t consider anyone else!

Harry A.
My experience with Doctor Jennifer Cha and her staff was very good, my implant was pain free and looks perfect. The office is very nice with new equipment. I would recommend Doctor Cha too anyone.

Darlice F.
She is personable she explains the procedure as she goes she’s compassionate the whole team is wonderful and I pray that God will continue to bless her practice.

Dana R.
I highly recommend Dr. Cha. After some horrible dental experiences I am so happy to have been referred to Dr. Cha. From my experience Dr. Cha is very professional and extremely competent. The staff is also wonderful. Always very friendly and helpful. 5 star experience!

Nelson G.
Dr. Jennifer Cha provided a great, pain-free service. I am very satisfied. She’s the best at what she does and I highly recommend her.

Oliver B.
My experience with Dr. Cha has been and continues to be of the very highest professional quality.

Weijian Z.
I’m lucky to select a right dentist

Lien Wang T.
Dr. Cha and her staff were all very nice through the whole visit. She was very skillful, and I would recommend her to anyone!

Lei J.
If you happen to be reading this review, consider your luck begin. Dr. Cha is not a rarefied gem, she is the 20 caret diamond in the world of dentistry, dentist or human being. Believe me, your luck starts here and keep coming when you designate Dr. Cha as you and your family’s dentist. She is soooo talented, outstanding, and gorgeous like a super star, with gentle and sweet voice plus mother Teresa’s heart. Don’t you get curious? I had my full mouth implant done at her office. Before that I spent years researching and trying out different top notch dentists in Los Angeles. I even called out of State industry leaders, that’s what they call themselves. But in the end I found out Dr. Cha is the true leader in tooth implant and genius born with the gift destined to be a dentist. My years of experience with Dr. Cha could have me keep talking to no end. I suggest you stop looking, just go to this place and try it out for yourself. You’d thank me for that. She has another office in Vegas, whichever is convenient for you. All staff members are top notch professional with sharp mind, fast pace, great memories, excellent customer service, quick responses…Just perfect place perfect people to work with. You’d be happy to know them. Outstanding service at an affordable price. My luck starts the day I met Dr. Cha. I could not thank her enough. She’s a God sent. If you are like me born with a mouthful of poor teeth, stop reading, just go to this place. All your toothaches, headaches and heartaches stop there. New life begins.

Giovanni P.

Doug P.
I’m sure there are a lot of good periodontist out there available. I assume there’s even a handful of great periodontist available. But there is a difference between being great and being the best. As of today, I have the mouth, teeth and smile of my dreams. And the reason I am able to say this has everything to do with DR. JENNIFER CHA being my periodontist. And I’m writing this for the person that is considering DR. JENNIFER CHA and to tell you that you can have the best too, same as me, and you will know first hand everything I am saying here is true. You will know right away, that you have made the best decision. And the decision you made to have the best periodontist will be confirmed every time you have any dental work performed by DR. JENNIFER CHA. You will have the confidence that you are in the best hands available knowing that everything that can be done is being done for your best interest. When you are dealing with something as important as you mouth,teeth and smile it only makes sense to have the best. I can already foresee you be very thankful, like me, for however or whomever referred you to her. When its important I always go with the best. Go with DR. JENNIFER CHA. Go with the best.

Chang Ta L.
Linda is very nice and helpful and Dr. Cha explains the treatment clearly. Feel very confortable.

Christine S.
Excellent service and professional honest advice. I feel in great trusting hands. Dr. Cha and her wonderful caring staff are the best.

David Z.
Truly outstanding professional service of the highest level

Jeffrey K.
I have been seeing Dr. Cha for three years. She is amazingly talented and has not only an excellent professional manner, she has great clinical skills and gentle hands. I have complete trust in her opinions/decisions. As a physician, I am inherently hyper-critical. I cannot say enough about Dr. Cha and her staff.

Dear Dr. Jennifer Cha,

“If you ever encountered a Genie in a Bottle, and granted you one wish … What would it be?” my friends asked. While most of them quickly said for a big win in a lottery and/or fame. I wished for my four front teeth to magically reappear.

I was either 14 or 15 years old when my family in the Philippines decided to take me for a dental visit to fix my cavities on my front teeth. Little did I know it was the day that my life would change.

The dentist pulled four of my front teeth. It is now almost 30 years later.

Many times in my life, I have blamed my parents and my relatives for their ignorance; for butchering my mouth at a very early age. However. I came to acceptance that it is not them. It was poverty and ignorance.

Thirteen years ago, I was hopeful and consulted few Dentists in CA. At the end … They all told me they would not be able to help me. I clearly remember one Dentist examining my mouth and simply saying. “I cannot help you, I’m not God.”· After many attempts of looking for solutions and after many no’s, I decided to just give up.

That is when my fear of Dentists escalated, as well as my fear of receiving another “No”.

I envied people who have beautiful teeth. People who can confidently smile with no hesitations. I wanted to speak freely and laugh out loud, without having to have any fear, anxiety and shame. I was afraid of being judged.

Back in 2008, I found some courage to consider visiting a dentist again. After all, it is the year I got married. I remember being absolutely scared and nervous going through the wedding knowing that my guests might notice my ugly smile.

I decided once again to be brave and drive to the Dental Implant Institute. I put my name on the piece of paper and sat quietly. Only to leave few minutes later, the fear got to me once again.

7 years later, April 2015, I am back at the Dental Implant Institute. However this time. I convinced myself to finally pursue it.

After many months of research and reading. I found that Dr. Cha’s expertise and experience have a proven track record. What also got my attention is that all the reviews say that “Dr. Cha is a very caring and gentle human being.”

April 8th, 2015- My first appointment with Dr. Cha after 13 years of not being with any dentist.

There was only one thing going through my head. Will I hear the word “NO, we cannot help you?!” Dr. Cha came to the room, she ordered the 3D X-ray and she started examining my mouth. Nervous and anxious, Dr. Cha said “Yes, we can do it”. I could not believe what I was hearing. She repeated again. “Yes we can help you”. It will be a challenge and long process but she was able to do it.

I finally found my hope. Tears started falling from my eyes.

It was May 26; I had my dental implant surgery. It went on for about 3 hours. Dr. Cha was indeed very gentle and caring. I did not feel any pain at all during the surgery. She made it comfortable for me by continuing to reassure that everything will be just fine.

December 15- Almost 7 months after the surgery. I got my permanent or shall l say my “Amazing Smile”.

Or. Jennifer Cha did not just give me a beautiful and amazing smile.

She gave me my confidence. She gave me the freedom to speak and smile without shame and fear. Most importantly, she gave me a reason to continue to believe that with hope and patience, you will get a new beginning.

To Dr. Jennifer Cha, from the bottom of my heart: Thank you! Thank you!

To Edwin, who’s always attentive, Maraming Salamat! Thank you also so much for making sure I’m always taken care of.

To Nathan and all the staff of Dental Implant Institute, Thank you so much!

With a Happy Smile,


(Now my husband says I cannot stop smiling

– Annalie,

I highly recommend to come to american dental implant center if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get your dental work done
The dental implant institute is filled with kind professionals that use innovated techniques that no other office has even heard of.

– Natalie S., Patient

What better service could I ask for?

There are no concerns that I have with the service I receive from my Dentist Dr. Jennifer Cha, her dental technicians and office staff. Her Staff is very friendly, and provides me with accurate billings and timely appoints.

– E Millie K.,